About Us

Here at SpicyThreads, we are into t-shirts. From concert tees to funny tees, we buy them everywhere we go from every conceivable store available: grocery stores, farmer's markets, even out of a van (twice!). We even have not 1, but 4, quilts made from our old t-shirts that grew too ratty or threadbare but we HAD to save the design somehow. Basically, we LOVE shirts.

And that's really how we got started: we noticed that our tees were loosing quality, becoming threadbare, graphics fading, and lack of shape and definition. This was happening after 15 washes, or less! So we decided that if we were going to spend the cash on tees, they should last a good number of years, should be able to be worn at least once a week (with all normal laundry), keep the quality of the graphics throughout it's lifetime, and keep it's definition and shape over it's lifetime. That's why we use 100% combed ring-spun cotton, our shirts have a side-seam so they keep their shape over years of washing and wearing, and our designs are printed directly onto the shirt.

That is what makes the Threads. What makes us Spicy is our designs. We tend to go with food-based humor and puns over anything else because we feel that tacos and pizza and dim sum and now I'm hungry... are good for the soul. And what's good for the soul should be good for your wardrobe.

Our shirts 

After spending the past 2 years looking at all the different types of shirts available, we easily said no to the basic cotton tube-style shirts that caused our collection of tees to deteriorate rather quickly. Brands such as Gildan and Hanes. These are cheaper to buy, making designs and printing more cost effective, but are they really? Is it really worth buying a cheap shirt that will only last a few washings and wearing before they start to fall apart or the design starts to flake and peel? Not for us, not for our customers. 

We decided on the Next Level for our designs. One of the best benefits of this t-shirt is its durability. The side seams and shoulder tape help it maintain it’s comfortable fit after washing it many times. Our Next Level tees stand out due to its strength and impressive softness because it’s made of 100% combed ringspun cotton. The collar is all about flexibility and comfort because of the ribbed knit stitch. And the back of the shirt maintains its stability with the help of the shoulder tape covering the shoulder seams along with the side seams.